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Dr Rob Sheffield


Rob is an experienced organisational development professional with 25 years’ experience of enabling change in organisations. He has held management roles in the publishing, direct marketing, education and aerospace sectors. Rob has been running his consultancy business since 1999, working nationally and globally across private, public and community sectors.

He is especially interested in fostering working environments that give people opportunities to explore creative possibilities. He works as a facilitator, coach, trainer and consultant, switching between these roles, as needed, to give value to his clients. He has a reputation for bringing flexibility, experimentation and humour to his work.

Rob is also interested in bridging the area of good research and good practice. He teaches and researches in the area of leadership, creativity and innovation. He completed a doctorate in 2012, having researched what makes the difference between groups that generate and develop creative ideas and groups that withdraw their risk-taking for creativity and ‘play safe’. To read more about this topic, see our article on Breakthrough Ideas.

Rob is a credentialed member of the International Coaching Federation – the world’s premier global coaching membership organisation.

How Rob can help

Rob works with his clients to help them develop their leadership capabilities. This includes helping leaders develop their skills in enabling innovation across their organisation. He aims to build long-term relationships with a relatively small number of clients, to help them see changes through from concept to implementation and review.

A little-known fact about Rob

He is a frustrated non-musician!

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