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Spring forward: how to step-up your marketing in 30 days

27-March-2017 15:09
in Marketing
by Rob Sheffield

marketing plan in 30 days

You may have lost an hour this weekend, but there's no need to lose any time on developing a marketing plan.

It can be one of those things that looms large in your mind: when will you find the time? what do you put in it?

With many companies coming to the start of a new financial year, now is the time (if you haven't already) to get something in place to shape and drive your marketing for the next 12 months.

Here's a time-saving 8-point checklist that will help you "spring forward", and get you to a marketing plan in 30 days: 

  1. Commitment - make sure you're scored yourself 9 or 10 on the commitment scale, otherwise you're unlikely to follow-through.
  2. Have a physical, short, written plan - it shouldn't be set in stone and needs to be flexible enough to change if need be but the very process of thinking through a plan and setting out your actions on paper plays a big part in keeping you accountable.
  3. Focus on marketing activities which make the difference - make sure you're spending your precious time and resources on things that will actually have an impact (which is another good reason why a plan is critical, otherwise there's a risk you'll jump in to a tactic which might not be the right thing to do) 
  4. Nurture your existing clients - part of your plan should absolutely be the marketing you have or need to stay in touch with your current customers. 
  5. Pinpoint your ideal customer - it can seem counter-intuitive, but the more focused you are on your ideal customer, the more successful your marketing will be. This is your starting point - all your thinking, all the activities you put in place, stem from who your ideal customer is.
  6. Proactively approach your top prospects - sometimes you need to put yourself on their radar, if you can't gain an introduction. But most people feel awkward about this. There are ways of doing so in a way that feels entirely professional and 'non-salesy'. 
  7. Work out a content plan - content marketing is without doubt going to a key strand of your marketing efforts, so it pays to think about the topic areas that will resonate with your clients and prospects. And develop enough content, regularly, for clients and prospects to notice. 
  8. Keeping up your marketing fitness - this takes energy and commitment (which is why I put commitment first!) but there are some simple ways you can keep this up and avoid the marketing yo-yo diet.

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