Bluegreen Learning

Creative problem solving in workplace teams


Learn how to use the tools and apply them to real business challenges


Do you lead or manage projects and could do with some help in making sure the project has a real impact on your business challenges? 


Then you’re in the right place.

Our blended learning Creative Problem Solving programme gives you a comprehensive toolkit to help you make a real difference to managing business projects. You might need to:

  • successfully develop original products and services
  • fast-track delivery of these products to the marketplace
  • commercialise existing products
  • implement new systems or ways of working
  • address customer satisfaction issues

In short - any business challenge which requires a team of people to come up with the ideas and make it happen!

This programme is a way of learning about various tools and techniques to help you understand the core principles of what makes innovation projects successful.  Not only that, you will also learn how to apply what you learn, giving you all you need to use the framework, tools and techniques again in the future. 

Delivered face to face, online or a mixture of both, the programme follows the same structure.

Clear steps to facilitating innovation project teams confidently

  • Introduction: to the programme and to two powerful diagnostics
  • Module 1: understand the real innovation challenge
  • Module 2: generate ideas and select the ones you'll progress
  • Module 3: make sure you successfully implement the idea
  • Wrap-up: agreeing your plan

The online element of the course is a mixture of reading, watching videos, watching slideshows, live webinars and debates with your fellow delegates.  To make sure you gain real value from the course, we estimate that you'll need to spend around 6 hours on each of the three core modules.

Each module builds on the last, providing you with a tried-and-tested way of successfully leading innovation projects from idea to implementation and making sure the project has a real and lasting impact.

What is different about what we're offering, is that during the course you will be applying the skills you learn to a real business challenge, working with a real client to help them in their business.

This makes it much more likely you'll sustain the learning, and it means that you'll develop skills that you and your organisation can use again.