Bluegreen Learning

Is your organisation innovation fit?


What innovation capabilities do you have - and which do you need?


Our research shows that being good at innovation requires two things.  You need to decide what skills are important to you, and then identify how effective your business is at these skills.

The difference between importance and effectiveness will give you your capability gap.

And that's how our self-scored healthcheck helps. It will:

  • introduce you to four areas crucial for any business' capabilities
  • pinpoint the 17 factors which determine innovation success
  • gives you a framework to plot your 'scores'
  • enables you to visually see where your areas of strength and weakness are which in turn....
  • will provide you with pointers for your next steps

Once you've anawered the questions, you can plot your results on a graph and find out what your next steps are to close any gaps. 

Download the healthcheck by completing the details to the right.