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How Leaders Learn to Boost Creativity in Teams: Innovation Catalysts

Coming out in early 2019, Rob Sheffield's book focuses on how leaders are learning to develop the creative capabilities of their team members and themselves. Through this learning, teams are developing original approaches to work, benefitting customers, patients, employees and other stakeholders.

Innovation Catalysts introduces insights from the domains of psychology, creativity, leadership and power, and integrates these through our ABCD framework for leading innovation.

It contains nine indepth, current-day cases of learning and workplace-based applications and has an optimistic message: creativity can be learnt. Making connections between current day research, learning and application in work contexts, it will appeal to leaders and students alike seeking to think outside of the box.

In focussing on creativity and innovation Dr Sheffield also provides an intriguing insight on leadership itself and what it means to be a leader in a rapidly changing world.  Peter McDonald, Director, HR Centres of Excellence UK and Ireland, Engie Ltd

 A well-timed book which will resonate with anyone who needs to support their businesses to develop novel and adaptive thinking and redefine what it means to have everyday creativity and innovation. Lisa Jones, Senior Manager, Talent Development UK & Ireland, Ernst & Young LLP

A book that is both engaging and inspiring! A must read for those who need a bit creativity and innovation to meet their everyday challenge. Ms Bo Hu, Product Quality Director, Greater China, GE Healthcare


book cover how leaders learn to boost creativity in teams 

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